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Welcome to Pest Animal Scranton! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Scranton, PA. Got damage in your home, caused by a wild animal? We can help you to sort that out, removing the critter with our fast and easy service, and also repairing whatever damage the animal left in its wake.

A vast number of wild critters can easily break into your home if it has not been well-maintained, and they can cause a serious amount of damage and destruction while they're living a happy little life in there. Torn ducts are a common problem with many a wild critter across North America, as are chewed or damaged electrical cables and wires. We won't just remove the animal that causes this damage; we'll repair the damage, too.

We will also offer our customers sanitation and attic cleanup services, and if the animal has made a mess of the insulation up there, we can also replace that, too.

You won't need to call in various different contractors to do each part of the wild critter removal job. As well as removing the animal itself, we also have a specialty in professional-standard building and home repairs, and our barely noticeable modifications are known to keep those pesky pets out — for good! Get in touch with us today to be in contact with a fully trained, insured and licensed professional who'll rid you of your pesky pest in no time at all! Call us now at 570-904-8614 for your Scranton wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

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Scranton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What Smells Repel Scranton Rats

The idea of a Scranton rat in your home sends shivers down the spine of most people. Not only are they unsanitary, but they chew through everything in sight. Their incisors never stop growing, and they need to gnaw on hard surfaces in order to keep them short. Most people turn to rat traps to get rid of these unpleasant creatures. However, before you set about killing them you might try to repel them instead. They are wily creatures and are not easily deterred. There are numerous products available that promise they will repel rats, none of them are terribly effective. If you are willing to give them a try, you might find your guest would rather find a less noxious smelling place.

Smells that repel rats
These are the most widely believed to rid your home of Pennsylvania rats.
· Mothballs. These have always been the go-to product when it comes to repelling pests. They leave everything smelling terrible and seldom repel the pests that they are meant to. The pressing concerns regarding these are that they have been found to possess carcinogenic properties (cause cancer in humans) and they are extremely bad for the environment.
· Ammonia. This strong-smelling liquid can be found in most homes and are typically used to clean bathrooms or kitchen. They are often found to induce headaches in humans but are not proven to keep rats away.
· Peppermint or citronella oil. The only thing that makes people believe this would work is the fact that it has a very strong scent. There is no proof that it indeed works.
· Predator urine. This can be purchased on the internet and is frequently used outside of the home. While it might deter other animals, it is unproven to deter rats. The reason behind this might be that rats are often found living in the vicinity of predators. They don't seem overly worried they will become prey.
· Cat litter has been rumored to be just the thing you need. Scranton rats will think that there is a cat in the house. Because they are naturally afraid of cats, this should keep them away. It does not seem to work as well as is promised.
· Pepper. In particular cayenne pepper. The strong-smelling spice will burn the nostrils and is not a pleasant thing for anybody to inhale. It might just work, you have nothing to lose.

Prevention is better than cure.
When it comes to keeping your Pennsylvania house rat free it works on a case by case basis. There is a reason why all of these scents are rumored to work. They worked for someone. You can try them to see if one works for you. The alternative would be to make sure that there are no openings that allow rats entry to your home. If you do find holes, you can fill them with steel wool and chalk. Rats cannot chew through them. It is easier to deal with it before it becomes a problem.