Scranton Bird Spike Installation

Scranton bird spikes are a very humane way of preventing birds from nesting or even landing places like ledges, signs, roof lines, eaves, light posts and other such places that are not easy t access anytime. They do not harm the birds, but rather provide an uneven surface which the birds are unable to land on.

Spikes are flexible and can easily be installed since they also do not need a lot of skill. They come in different heights of an average of about two feet. What matters the most with the spikes is their spacing. If it is more than two and a half inches, then some small Pennsylvania birds could squeeze through them and land. This is not desirable. Also, the number of rows to be used utterly depends on the width of the surface they are being installed on.

The area in question should be cleared of substances on it, especially Scranton bird droppings. Contact with the bird droppings should be avoided at all costs since they could affect ones health because they could have diseases in them. This can be achieved by use of gloves to prevent direct contact. Mount the spikes on to the surface using the most appropriate method at the time. They could be screwed or bolted into wooden surfaces, or glued to to concrete ones by use of adhesives like polurethane and silicone. The silicone ones are however not advisable to use.

Spies should be installed on all possible landing sites, however slim they may seem. The only revent Scranton birds from landing. Therefore, spaces through the walls should therefore be blocked even if they are covered by spikes, since birds could force their way even through the spikes. Other personnel, like window cleaners and decorators that could also access the spiked places should be warned to take care of the spikes since most of them destroy them if not warned in advance . Also, for safety purposes, if you are to use equipment like ladders to access the places so that you may install the Pennsylvania bird spikes, make sure that they are stable, or better still, have someone else with you so that they may securely hold the ladder for you and enhance stability. You are better off safe than sorry.

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