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Got damage in your home, caused by a wild animal? We can help you to sort that out, removing the critter with our fast and easy service, and also repairing whatever damage the animal left in its wake.

A vast number of wild critters can easily break into your home if it has not been well-maintained, and they can cause a serious amount of damage and destruction while they're living a happy little life in there. Torn ducts are a common problem with many a wild critter across North America, as are chewed or damaged electrical cables and wires. We won't just remove the animal that causes this damage; we'll repair the damage, too.

We will also offer our customers sanitation and attic cleanup services, and if the animal has made a mess of the insulation up there, we can also replace that, too.

You won't need to call in various different contractors to do each part of the wild critter removal job. As well as removing the animal itself, we also have a specialty in professional-standard building and home repairs, and our barely noticeable modifications are known to keep those pesky pets out — for good! Get in touch with us today to be in contact with a fully trained, insured and licensed professional who'll rid you of your pesky pest in no time at all!