Scranton Animals That May Appear in Your Chimney

Scranton Birds and squirrels- these animals are usually stuck in your chimney and they probably want to get out of that place as much as you do. They usually mistake your chimney for a hollow tree without them knowing that that is a human house.
Raccoons- they use your chimney for a den site.

Difference between a stuck animal and an animal that is living in the chimney
You can easily tell the difference between a stuck animal and a denning animal by listening to the noise the animal makes.
• A stuck Pennsylvania animal is often very afraid and that can cause moving too fast, scratching or flapping its wings in order to fly out of your chimney.
• A denning animal (usually a mother raccoon with her babies) will make less noise and you will occasionally hear movement or you will hear the babies calling out their mother.

Removing the animals that live in your chimney
Birds- Although they can usually appear stuck in your chimney they can also use it to make a nest. Birds often carry histoplasmosis which can cause blindness so it's best to stay away from these nests. If you already have a bird nest in your chimney you shouldn't remove it as in it's against the law.
Squirrels- these animals can be found stuck in the chimneys but they can also build nests in them. Their tightly packed nests are hard to remove. To prevent squirrels living inside the flue you can install stainless steel chimney cover.
Pennsylvania Bats- These animals are harder to remove, because they carry rabies and they should be removed by a licensed animal removal expert.
Raccoons- These animals are also very hard to remove, they can be very aggressive they can bite and they can carry rabies. So it's best to leave the job to the expert. Preventing animals from living in your chimney
Install a heavy duty stainless steel chimney cover which will have a screen that will prevent Scranton birds and other animals living inside your chimney. Raccoons will tear up aluminum or black steel covers so it's best to save up money so you don't buy a cheap cover.

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