Can a Scranton Skunk Spray More Than Once at a Time?

The Pennsylvania skunk, a creature which is found mainly in North America, is renowned for having a potent defence, as well as having a very distinct body. It is a quadruped with a white stripe down the centre of its back, which extends down to the rather bushy tail. From just below the tail it may use a liquid to defend itself if it feels threatened. Fortunately, the spray is completely harmless to the victims, and relies on the smell to help repulse predators, but if it does go in the eye it may result in temporary blindness (wears off in under an hour), which may be more of a concern for animals such as a dog whose eyes are closer to the source.

How to remove the smell
Due to the chemicals found in the concoction, the methods which have been ingrained into you by Hollywood, such as bathing in tomato juice,do not actually work. If you or someone you know is unlucky enough to be hit use a mixture of soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. This should help the smell.

How many times can they spray?
It depends on if they have discharged recently or not, as for a Scranton skunk to fully replenish its stock it takes around 10 days. One it has been 10 days however the skunk has about 6 sprays continuously. Furthermore the distance it can spray is really surprising, with the average spray reaching upto 10 feet, which is too far if you're on the receiving end.

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