What Kind of Noises and Sounds do Scranton Rats Make When They Live in Your House?

The noises that wild animals make in your home can vary, depending on what has landed in your space. This can be annoying as well as costly to you, as animals need to be removed, and then the damaged that they have caused through their waste materials or the physical damage they have made against objects such as wood, insulation, cables, and anything else they can sink their teeth into. The question which may be literally keeping you up at night is what is in your house making that ruckus? One answer may be Scranton rats, but what sound do they make?

Time of day
They easiest way to help deducing what type of animal it is (without actually looking at it) is by hearing what time it is active. If you hear noises during the night that means it is nocturnal and therefore could be anything from a Pennsylvania flying squirrel to a raccoon. However, if it is during the day it could be something like a bird or a squirrel.

Where do rats live in your house?
Rats have the annoying ability to live pretty much almost anywhere in the house, in the loft, the kitchen, inside the walls, anywhere you can think of which has a space large enough for a Scranton rat to live in. This results having to be on the constant lookout for sounds that they make everywhere in the house. The one advantage of the rat being so small and being able to move about anywhere in the house is an advantage, mainly because you now know what you are up against and how to deal with them.

What noises do rats make?
Rats can make a variety of vocal sounds, from the squeaking most people are familiar with, but they can also hiss, and chatter. These different sounds mean different things in terms of Pennsylvania rats, with hissing usually meaning that they are either in pain or that they are distressed. Rats do make other noises as well, through the use of scurrying throughout your house, or gnawing on objects to trim their teeth.

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